45F Sand


45F is a feldspathic iron-stained kaolinized sand from Elkwater, Alberta. Plainsman Clays adds it to low-temperature red burning bodies to cut plasticity without loss color or fired maturity. Historically it was used by I-XL Industries in the manufacture of red burning brick.

Process Properties

45F has almost no plasticity. It is among the few clays we stockpile that support plant growth. This clay could thus have application in soil mixtures. Additionally, it could be used in seed bombs or seed coatings (mixed with a more plastic material like bentonite or ball clay to create a compromise between dry hardness and water permeability).


45F burns red on its own. It is not practical as a source of color in clay bodies because of the heavy texture it would impart for percentage needed.

45F fired bars from cone 4 (top) down to cone 03. 4% Veegum was needed to impart enough plasticity to be able to roll and cut these bars.

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