M390 Casting


Code numbered L4005D. We do not produce this as a product, but we publish its recipe and preparation information. It is important to understand the principles of deflocculation, be able to measure specific gravity effectively and have a good propeller mixer.

Thrown M390 mug with cast handle (made from L4005 M390-equivalent casting recipe).

M390 with L4005D cast handle


M390 Casting fired bars (cone 4 to 8 bottom to top). Cone 6 finds the color at its warmest. Fired porosity is 2.5% at cone 6, the same as regular M390. Fired to cone 7 will maintain some color and reduce porosity to 1.5%.

M390 L4005D and M340 L3798G cone 6 casting bodies (without glaze)

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