G2571A MgO Matte Base - Cone 10R


A balanced dolomite matte for reduction firing (although it works well in oxidation also). We document procedures to mix this as a brushing glaze, dipping glaze or base coat dipping glaze.

For lots of detail visit the page for G2571A at Digitalfire.


When mixed with water to create a thixotropic slurry, this will perform was as a dipping glaze. It will apply evenly to bisque, produce minimal dripping and dry within seconds. It will be adequately durable for handling. If bisque walls are thin, it will be necessary to glaze the inside and outside of pieces as separate operations (with a drying time between).

If you are glaze layering (using this as a dipping glaze and painting a commercial gummed brushing glaze over it) there is a risk of crawling. It may be necessary to add some gum to this, converting it from a dipping glaze to a base-coat dipping glaze.


As of Apr 2018 it is not yet available as a premixed product. However you can make it yourself, click the following: G2571A (for the recipe and much more).


G2571A Dolomite Matte liner glazed mugs. Cone 10R. H550 (left) and H443 (right).

Left: G2571A magnesia matte glaze on H440 fired at cone 10R. Right: GR10-J is the same glaze (having the same chemistry) but made using Ravenscrag Slip to supply much of it.

G2571A cone 10R matte on H450 mugs. Bamboo version on left has 3.5 Rutile and 10 Zircopax added. Both mugs had L3954N black engobe applied inside and half way down the outside during leather hard stage. The liner glaze on the left is pure Ravenscrag Slip GR10-A.

Laguna B-Mix with G2571A bamboo over L3954J black engobe. The black engobe bleeds through as brown on the bamboo but black on the liner glaze (GR10-C Ravenscrag talc matte).

H441G thrown cylinders with G2571A liner glaze. The right-most cylinder has L3954H white engobe under the glaze.

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