Plainsman Grog


High temperature buff burning brick micro-aggregate A fine inert aggregate made by grinding high temperature light buff burning construction brick. The product has dense, hard grains. The particles have approx 5% porosity by weight. Approximately 65% of the material spans a range of sizes from plus 48 mesh (300 microns) to 200 mesh (75 microns). The remaining 35% is less than 200 mesh.

The bricks from which this material is made.

This material contains particle sizes that span the plus 200 mesh range (35% is also minus 200 mesh).

Closeup of 48 mesh particles showing range of colors. Click image to zoom.

This material is available in 20 kg bags and bulk bags (2000 lb).

Physical Properties

Sieve Analysis (Tyler mesh):

     +48 (+300 microns): 1-5%
   48-65 (200-300 microns): 15-20%
  65-100 (150-200 microns): 25-30%
 100-150 (100-150 microns): 5-15%
 150-200 (75-100 microns): 5-15%
    -200 (-75 microns): 30-40%

Safety Data Sheet

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